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The scam from the far end of the world

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A testimony by Isabelle, the former secretary of the Tzamarenda association in Chambly

Letter by Teresa Shiki, a Shuar woman from Ecuador - The testimory of Eric Gerber


Just imagine : You get an offer to live for 5 months at the far end of the world, in Ecuador to be precise, among the members of the Shuar (Jivaro) people, called the "Yawints", and to teach you the mysteries of the jungle in what is named "The University of Ancestral Sciences"; all this for a sum of 750 euros, in addition to travel costs. You feel tempted by this adventure, and here you go, naïve that you are.

On arrival, you discover that the place where you are to spend five months of your life is actually a secluded cabin, built specially for Western visitors, just one hour's walk from the nearest village, that is to say in a replanted forest, not in the primary forest. No village, no village people, no community, no families living there, no women or children. Just a small ape tied to a rope, and Tzamarenda, the "chief", the "shaman", no one knows for sure, and a few of his associates who come and go, who live in town Western fashion, shop at the local supermarket, take chemical medicines and use portable phones and Internet.

A huge disappointment! Especially as you are requested, as you step from the bus, to pay the 750 euros cash.Indeed these Shuars, these Yawints people, no longer live in the traditional way.

They practically do not hunt or fish any more. They do not work either. Yet they take it easy. That's because they have created the YAMI non-profit corporation (Yawints Arutam Mura International), aimed at getting hold of a lot of foreign cash. They have indeed discovered the right lode and mine it their own way. Their "messenger" Tzaramenda travels throughout the world to find gullible persons. Even some non-profit bodies have been cheated into collecting funds and offering gifts to help these poor Indians.

Given these conditions, what have Tzamarenda, the great guru of full stadiums in the name of God, and his Ecuadorian University, to teach us?

In short, it is rather Mr Dollar who lies in wait for you, hidden at the edge of the jungle. Nothing spiritual in this. Don't go there, give nothing.

Just think, it would be too marvellous! It is just a scam, pure and simple. These Shuars, these "Yawints" people, do not shrink heads any more, but purses.

They are just charlatans. The real ones, the pure ones are not so easy to come across.

Michel Walter On behalf of terresacree.org, May 2, 2006.



Tzamarenda blessing the German stadiums of the world cup of football.

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Abran Tzamarenda Naychapi, left, a shaman of the Ecuadorian Amazon Territories, and Miss Ecuador 2006 Katty Lopez Saman, right, pose for the media near the Reichstag in Berlin, Wednesday, April 26, 2006. The embassy of Ecuador on Wednesday introduced their cultural program for the Soccer World Cup 2006.


Of Isabelle Milheiro the 24 may 2006 :


Greetings to everyone


You have been in contact with the Shuar American Indian from Ecuadorian Amazon, Abran Tzamarenda Naychapi Estalin, from Palora Puyo Pastaza/Morona Santiago (Mura Yawints'), either on the occasion of a lecture, or through a circle of friends.


We try to call your attention on the distance between his looks and the reality...

As a matter of fact, we have known him since 2004 and have seen that this character uses the painful environmental and social cause of the Amazon to direct money to an account whose real beneficiaries are totally uncontrollable.

One thing is certain, though : our help is not used for the stated goals, nor according to the message he claims to carry. Moreover, neither he nor his family live in the ancestral lifestyle as he would make us believe.


Faced with these discoveries, instead of showing a conciliatory attitude, the "messenger" prefers to show himself aggressive and arrogant, and ignore us, accusing us of being ignorant, while he turns to other "easy preys", with a shocking lack of respect for those who helped him from their heart and with no delay.


Instead of justifying himself, he prefers to turn his back on us and look for other people of good will, trying to turn people against each other, claiming that we are just destructive Whites who prefer money to brotherhood, and arguing that ours is dirty money.


That particular Shuar takes every liberty and acts in an inconsistent way, and expects us to forgive everything, because we are fundamentally bad, because we are Whites who understand nothing, we are guilty of everything that happens to them. When we open our eyes and turn the tap off, we get insulted, we are dirty and soiled...

Thus, "sitting ducks" get more numerous and they shut up, out of shame or fear. We are indeed very far from American Indian wisdom...

What a shame... because he is one element in a dangerous and negative system for the Shuar people, who he utilises by dressing up in folklore style which in fact no Shuar ancestor ever wore. The people is in real dire straits and will remain so as long as this kind of "messenger" endures.


Moreover, he acts in dramatic style, picking up sensitive souls and using a cause he does not defend in any way. If we are wrong, let him prove it, we have never asked him for anything else, but he prefers to respond with aggressivity and insult. No justification for the money he has received, no real work to defend local causes. What we have seen is that he fills his own pockets and acts spectacular. If he cannot justify for the use of funds he has received, it is simply because he lives in great style, while you make efforts to send him some hard-earned money.


The sums he has got are beyond telling, thousands and thousands of dollars, certainly an international swindle that beats any other in the same league!


Our reason for this message is that we try and work for a better future


Isabelle Milheiro, mpmi@libertysurf.fr

The former Secretary of the "Association Tzamarenda de Chambly" 60230 France.


An open letter from Isabelle to the Messenger Shuar of Equator (?!) Tzamarenda Naychapi, an Amerindian with little wisdom, with no misgivings and shame!

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From Isabelle Milheiro, 3 May 2006 :

The court passed sentence yesterday, 2 May 2006, in my favour, due to the imprecision of some legal papers! I should be happy of this, yet this is not the case...

When I met you on July 10, 2004, you carried a message. A very great message. That is what you led me to believe, and this belief was shared by all those people who undertook to help you. Between Chambly, Marseilles, Switzerland and my own funds, I come to a total of 40,000 euros, counting only those sums I know of, which you received from us over one year. That is a nice tidy sum! But to this should be added the funds I am not aware of, from other groups in France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, etc.

Is everything all right for you ? Is life pleasant? So you can afford to "gamble", as you say. I won't, I have no time for that, nor do I wish it.

You would like to get rid of those complications, as people would of a soiled tissue, by claiming those who frustrate you are lunatics, or evil troublemakers, etc. Those qualities belong to you; what motivates me is that tissue makers have come down on plots of ancient forest and transform those trees into paper handkerchiefs and you don't defend them as you would like people to believe.

Granted, we have helped you of our own accord, but we were helping an ancient NATION of the Great Amazon, threatened and jeopardised, represented by its Messenger Abrán Tzamarenda Naychapi Estalin.



You lied to us. We have given generously, with an open heart. You turned those gifts into wind. What do you do with all this money? Why don't you send your invoices for hospital, analyses, measures to conserve the territory, purchases of school equipment, etc...? If you used it for other purposes, quite simply, tell us what.

For the moment, I haven't asked for my money back. I have simply asked you to justify a small part of these sums, because I myself have to justify the use of these sums to my recycling Association, and this makes you angry, you do your best to show frustration, anger and all sorts of aberrations. But YOUR "gamble" sounds so like others heard of, with another association in Blois, still another in Montpellier... and Tarbes, and others... the list is a long one. You deceive everyone who crosses your path, even your own people.

For the initial $1,500 you received in September 2004, it was difficult, but you eventually signed a receipt and put your stamp on it. I didn't ask for anything more. Your angry tantrums and insults simply confirm your insincerity. And what have I just discovered? YAMI did not exist before 2006!

Why cannot my request for a receipt for the €1,523 in January, used (maybe)for health care, and the €1,850 in September, used (this is proven) for travel, find justification with the Tzamarenda Association in Chambly? Yet it is so easy to provide a receipt for a ticket purchase, and another one for the rest. Why do so many problems arise? Why choose to attack? This simply goes to show that something is wrong, and if something is wrong, then the whole world should know.


When people « gamble », either they win, or they lose.

What I think is that we all have been conciliatory, understanding, patient, prepared to compromise, but especially we have responded to your very urgent requests for money with no delay. You received our help and support from our hearts. We have written to the President of the Republic, to the NGOs, we have alerted people, translated documents... We have taken up your fight as our own... we have been concerned with your illnesses, your territories... and yet you have nothing to show us as justifications? You have diverted our support for your community, the children, the schools... into supporting you, and now you dare accuse us, as perverted donors. If you find ours is dirty money, give it back, to purify yourself!

Any human being, even a warrior, would be affected and moved by this situation; you are not. Is there nothing human in you, no peace in your spirit, no love in your heart?

Let me share a French quotation with you : "What is terrible with money won by gambling is that first you spend it and later you lose it again" (Tristan Bernard).

Replace money with love, friendship or fraternity, it is the same.

Isabelle Milheiro  mpmi@libertysurf.fr

For ever a Messenger for Love and Peace, fair and positive things.


This is a testimony for the benefit of Web surfers who visit the Terre Sacree site, and for its committed animators.


My name is Eric Gerber, I have been a general practitioner in energetic medicines for 22 years, have been active in humanitarian projects for 12 years and a lecturer on the subject of cell consciousness and cell memories for 17 years.


In 2004, with a group of friends, I met Tzamarenda Naychapi Estalin, supposedly the messenger of a people living in Ecuadorian Amazon, whose future is threatened by abusive exploitation of the forest and by oil companies who in turn have corrupted the government. At that time, we wished to extend our humanitarian activities abroad, as we wished to be involved in safeguarding the planet.


Tzamarenda's message was very much in tune with our expectations and we decided to organise a 4-week trip to their community during the summer of 2005. Indeed we were moved by the condition of this people, and when we were asked by Tzamarenda and his brother-in-law Tsere for help in recovering the land-deeds of their territory, we offered a sum of $10,000 in late 2005. Moreover, we were able to provide the community with urgently needed equipment for the women, to arrange for sponsorship schemes for some students and finance the purchase of a solar panel and a water-pump.

During this process, I was a witness to numerous inconsistencies between Tzamarenda's discourse and the actual practice. Having returned early in 2006, I enquired with official authorities in Quito and realised numerous swindles had been committed by Tzamarenda. Namely, sums of money provided had been used by this character for his personal use, to the detriment of his people who were in real need.


In association with my friends, I wish to expose these abuses, and warn all those persons committed, as we are, to humanistic causes, against the manipulations this character is bound to attempt. As a matter of fact, we are not alone in France and Europe in having suffered this abuse.


I am prepared to provide more details to any person who wishes to have more information on this subject; may I add that coming to such a decision has been a painful step, and that our present position is the result of much soul-searching.




A letter to all the friends of terresacree.org and Mother Nature, and to all those who may come across certain ill-intentioned persons

June 2006, by Teresa Shiki, a Shuar woman from Ecuador.

A greeting to dear Isabelle, to friends, companions, dear authors and readers of books from various countries of the whole world.

This message is dedicated to my Shuar people.

Please forward my message, I wish to circulate a message to the greatest number of people, from the bottom of my heart, to spread love, peace and serenity in our hearts.

Let this message reach the heart of each one of you, the message of Tarimiat Shuar : the people of strength and waterfalls. This means "Shuar who have their own culture and live according to their traditions and ancestral roots"; who identify with their mother tongue, Shuar Chicham; who live in harmony with their natural environment and share it with everyone. The Shuar live with their own cosmovision, their own history, where they are reflected with their own characteristics and their ancestral injuries.

Tuma asar Shuartikia tuke awakachmaitji Tarimiat Shuar. Asar tuma asamtai chikich natsan awajtamkurin tsankurastiniati. Tunamu astutiatnuitji.

We emphatically reject the pernicious attitude of a scoundrel who calls himself a Shuar, who makes us ashamed in front of the international community and NGOs.

Estalin Tzamaren, known as a renegade Shuar, a black smokescreen, who discredits us in front of all Shuar brothers. We hope our Shuar leaders will make firm decisions and put an end to such corruption and use of counterfeit documents. This is an insult to the genuine Shuar people.

I want to make it known to every reader that the real Shuars are not a confused people; we are not clowns to be turned into puppets or to be laughed at.

We warn you, Estalin, let this message come to your ears. Let us remind you, Estalin, that we, the Shuar People, have dignity. Remember that any harm done to others will have to be paid in life.

With heartfelt greetings

Teresa Shiki, tereshiki@yahoo.es

Fundación Omaere, www.omaere.net.
















A testimony by Isabelle, the former secretary of the Tzamarenda association in Chambly


France, June 2006

Dear Friends,

I am among the founders of the Tzamarenda Association in France in October 2004; I was its Secretary until October 2005.

This association was created because Abran Tzamarenda Naychapi Estalin, from Palora, Puyo Pastaza, Parroquia 16 de Agosto, Ecuador in Latin America came to France with a group of Shuar dancers and musicians.

He took part in several conferences and talks, where he would ask for help, means and money on behalf of the Shuar people. He made us believe that he was the messenger of the Shuar people who lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon and who was threatened with disappearance on account of the abusive exploitation of the jungle by oil companies. He would show videos of native communities and ask for financial assistance to help his people.

 Faced with such a disaster, we created the Association, whose purpose was to halp the Shuar people, particularly children and students of YAMI (Yawints' Arutam Mura Internacional), as well as "the University of Ancestral Sciences" which, he alleged, was a regular teaching facility registered with the Register of Ecuadorian Schools in Quito (?). Taking into account all the contacts, we have offered gifts of over €40,000 over one year.

He would send to us extremely urgent appeals to help him fight a flu epidemic within the Shuar communities, $9,000 to pay for his order of fever pills, a sum renegociated down to $7,000 with a local chemist, as well as funds to help him take care of his fragile health, as he suffered from his stomach and required numerous stays in hospital. The sums he would require varied from $1,000 to $4,000, and were always urgent, a matter of life and death. Especially, two stays in hospital and a heart operation, among other reasons, and sometimes senseless and incoherent requests to obtain money rapidly. We were deceived all too often, but we believed in his fables and sent him money, but he would never send any receipt to justify his expenses: he did not have the time, or he had posted letters which never reached their destination, or any such excuse...

Thus, I began looking into the matter and I discovered that he as soon as he received our money, our hypocondriac mythomaniac would leave Ecuador for other destinations; at the most critical moments in illnesses or invasions, I would find him as a lecturer in international Latin American conferences (in Uruguay or Brazil), or singing and dancing, or purifying London, or very recently cleaning the twelve stadiums of the Football World Cup of evil spirits by burying feathers in them...

He would also ask us urgently for money to validate the deeds of ownership of his ancestors' territories, before they could be grabbed at the trial the very next day by settlers, half-castes or any other robber in his imagination, after he had mortgaged            these lands to rescue a community from the latest disaster. Between the Summer and the end of the year 2005, we sent over $10,000, and so far, no justification, despite our repeated requests since early in 2005 - while we have all the receipts for the funds sent, as evidence of our affirmations.

One group visited the community and was able to confirm numerous inconsistencies, contradictions and lies between Tzamarenda's discourse and the actual initiatives carried out, and were in a position to confirm the numerous scams Tzamarenda had carried out. What did he do with these funds? - we are still waiting for his answer. What has been clearly established is that he has used them for his own profit, and not, as he claimed, for the benefit of the Shuar people.

The funds gathered in this way are beyond belief, thousands and thousands of dollars... We know for certain that this is an extraordinary international scam, which penalises the entire Shuar people and creates confusion among the volunteers who work for this cause!

This is the motivation for our exposure of him, for our protest. We have asked him to justify the use of those funds which he collects by abusing the whole world, and answer our accusations in front of the Shuar people, whose name he uses.

We wish to inform the greatest possible number of people of the questionable activities of Tzamarenda. Thank you for circulating this letter to all your contacts, so that no more people get abused. We are in touch with numerous other persons and organisations who had the same experience, who know about Tzamarenda's deplorable actions and can confirm what we say. Among others, the testimony of Teresa Shiki of the OMAERE Foundation, the Ethnobotanis park of Puvo Pastaza, can be found HERE.

Thank you for your attention.

Faithfully yours,

Isabel Milheiro,

+33 674.244.233 - mpmi@libertysurf.fr

The former Secretary of l'Association Tzamarenda de Chambly 60230 France.


A testimony

Madrid,  21 August 2006

A LETTER to the ASSOCIATIONS TZAMARENDA, Y.A.M.I., CASONA LATINA, ... by Fanny Abad et Javier Rosillo

To Mme Isabel, thank you for answering me, and thanks also to Cédric, but also I want to tell their families, their friends, the Tzamarenda Associations and those people who help them, I want them to be informed.

Greetings, my name is Fanny Abad, I am from Loja Ecuador, at present in Spain.

Estalin Tzamarenda's family informed me that he could look after visa applications and could provide all documents necessary to travel to the United States of America.

So I decided to contact Tzamarenda by telephone, and he confirmed that indeed he could deal with all the application processes to travel to the country concerned. He indicated that the cost to obtain these documents for the US would be $ 5,000, in two instalments.

So I sent him a first instalment of $ 2,500 through Western Union and sent him my passport as he had asked me in early July 2006. Twenty days later, he indicated to me he was in possession of the visa, and I should send him the remainder of the money urgently, which I did through Western Union. He never used my passport, since the Post Office sent it back to me, and since I paid up, I have had no news from him. I cannot manage to get into contact with him or his family.

I had these $ 5,000 sent to him through Mr Javier Rosillo, who had lent them to me. The bottom line is that Estalin Tzamarenda kept the $ 5,000 for himself, in other words, he has robbed us.

I wish the Associations who help him and publicise his claims to be informed of the behaviour of their protégé; his frauds and confidence tricks are endless, and it is to be feared we may not be the last ones to suffer them.

Faithfully yours

Fanny Abad.


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