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TOUT EN BAS ! Ascenseur expressWe, the modern slaves ! Singin 'in the face of old settlers !

S. M.
Le 20 décembre 2006, un travail bénévole de S. M..

S. M., le 31 janvier 2007

S. M., le 31 janvier 2007

S. M., le 19 mars 2007

Le 20 décembre 2006, un travail bénévole de S. M..

S. M., le 31 janvier 2007

S. M., le 31 janvier 2007

S. M., le 19 mars 2007

Le 20 décembre 2006, un travail bénévole de S. M..

Original French version

Translation Nicholas Rose

"If someone says to you �€˜down�€™, don�€™t move.
If you�€™re tired, lie down

Change or disappear !

It is not so long since men, weighed down by balls and chains, carried out forced labour for a dominating elite.

In our day and age, slavery has been abolished. The old chains have all nearly rusted away. Phew ! A great step forward for civilisation.

But, if we really think about it, are we so sure ?

We could be forgiven for asking ourselves whether the television channels might not just be the grandchildren of those who, in days gone by, deprived a section of the population of their liberty.

Commuting, work, commuting, telly, sleep.

After a taxing, harassing and generally sterile day, most of us have no time left to devote to our interests or hobbies, no time to breathe or offer our bodies not to science but to the sun.

After two thousand years of gradual evolution, our brains are yawning.

We have quite simply become slaves. And, little by little, we�€™ve got used to it.

The unremitting onslaught of advertisements incites us to buy what the $ystem wants to sell us: its poisoned food, its electrical goods that fail as soon as the guarantees run out, its cloned films in mindless series that eat us up, its filtered information, its Valium variety programmes, its video games in trillions of pixels in which someone gets killed every ten seconds...

It ends up lobotomising us, making passive consumers out of us, cheated, imprisoned in our biological cells, peppered-steak freaks who don�€™t even have the option of mooing between mouthfuls of GM food.

You said �€œFreedom�€� ?

That�€™s it! We can always decorate our rooms with the wallpaper we chose ourselves, hang up a Jesus, even if we�€™re not totally sure he existed, or naughty photos spat out by Google !

That�€™s it ! We have roofs over our heads and our stomachs are nice and full �€“ and we�€™re not going to say what of ! �€“ while a billion human beings go hungry and contemplate the stars, if the sky is clear enough !

That�€™s it! We can drive our cars while others hardly have the strength to walk !

That�€™s it! We�€™ll soon be able to play in front of our massive little LED screens, without consoles, no longer obliged to use our forefinger and thumb muscles, just the force of our thoughts !

That�€™s it! We�€™re going to live for centuries in the same body of bones and fat !

That�€™s it! That�€™s it! That�€™s it! So that�€™s what it is, then ?

Is that really Freedom, the freedom so revered by the poets ?

In this day and age, what real choices are left to us ?

Un milliard d'êtres humains crèvent de faim

Apart from resigning ourselves to fitting into this pathetic, illusory, worthless, perverted, destructive, unpalatable and stinking technological world as well as we can, so as not to find ourselves out on the street from one day to the next, rummaging through the dustbins of those still lucky enough to be able to consume as if there were no tomorrow. Apart from fattening the wallets of the multinational assassins of the food, pharmaceuticals, oil and financial sectors... of those anonymous cheats who rule the world in place of the politicians, who couldn�€™t move towards something more humane and more social even if they wanted to, bound, hands and feet, as they all are, whatever their party, chained to the boots of those greedy and inhuman megalomaniacs, those corrupt parasites.

Yes, it�€™s horrible. We are dumbstruck, obliged to lie collectively to ourselves. But, unlike the inmates of our prisons, we can still daub the four walls of our gaols with graffiti !

�€œYou�€™re delirious,�€� you might tell us.

It�€™s true: the sun is shining! Certainly, there are still some unspoilt spots, some beaches where you can still plant your parasol. Certainly, there are plenty of children laughing and making fun of each other.

And then all is not lost. Hang it! You just need to keep up your morale. Hey, let�€™s switch on the telly! Then let�€™s play the replay ! And then run after the luminous ball that looks surprisingly like the earth in miniature. Earth, one of the jewels of the galaxy! The first to get there wins billions. All the others clap their artificial hands.

You think we are pessimistic ? Alarmist ?

Well, no! Not at all! Earth still has five billion years left to live. That leaves us plenty of time to evolve, doesn�€™t it? And then there are at least a ten thousand billion billion other planets, and that�€™s just in our little universe.

That leaves a nice bit of space for some experiences other than endlessly chasing money !

Alarmist ?

Ha ha ! No, not at all ! We are simply realists and we don�€™t mince our words. A few ideas to chew over. The digestive enzymes do the rest.

These words �€“ it�€™s true ! �€“ disturb nearly everybody, ourselves included �€“ you bet! �€“ but they join up to arrive at a simple basic conclusion. No, not at all one of failure. Don�€™t worry. They are telling us in their way that we urgently need to surf on quite a different wave... Because the one we are on is not a �€œnormal�€� wave: it�€™s a tsunami of arrogant, glittering, deceptive absurdities, false perceptions, narrow-mindedness and buffoonery.

Mondialisation de la connerie humaine

And if all these mirages were there just to see how we behave under extreme circumstances ? Just a test ? And if it were all simply the good clout that we would give ourselves to set us straight, to hack out the path that is ours? Our very own, not our neighbour�€™s.

A path that would let us rediscover �€“ admittedly rather abruptly, but there we are ! �€“ our buried roots, our mummified sources, our obscured origins, our interior riches? A path that would let us really move on and fully profit from the life that is supposed to animate us from our heads to our toes ?

To breathe life into us. Love us. Make us proud of ourselves.

Zombified as we are. Us the sapiens, become the living dead. Us and all the other unimaginable, quite improbable species that still inhabit this once-pretty planet, us humans and all the future generations ?

Quickly ! Let�€™s wake up! We don�€™t know where we�€™re going but we�€™re going there at full sprint. Faster ! Faster ! We only have a tenth of a second left �€“ on the evolutionary scale �€“ to take a road that is really new, free of dogma, biased views, prejudice, conditioning�€� you know, all the things they teach us from infancy and bombard us with all our lives, to goad us in the opposite direction.

Let�€™s be positive. We�€™re feeling down�€� well, let�€™s sing, sing at the tops of our voices and let nobody try to stop us. Let�€™s have a party !

Chantons à tue-tête au nez des vieux colons !

Nothing is lost ! Nothing can be lost.

We must live to the full, making the most of the present instant, of every moment that passes. Let�€™s interact, face to face, on our mobile phones or on the Internet. Let�€™s weave a web of freedom. Let�€™s invent a world that fits us. Let�€™s do it with our hearts. We can do it! Between our cramped present state of unconscious enslavement, and timeless infinity, the choice is vast.

And may he or she who thinks otherwise stand up and show themselves !

Let�€™s start by switching off our television sets and having a look at others beyond the illusory boundaries.

In the end, this materialistic world, governed by finance, is just a temporary deception, a will o�€™ the wisp... a simple learning experience for Real Life. Which, Rimbaud tells us, is elsewhere.

No, no, no, the cursed poet forgot that his �€œsaison en enfer�€� (Season in Hell) only lasted a certain time.

We have everything within us, including the power to resist and including that of going from being powerless spectators to being active players in our own right.

Let�€™s enter our television sets.  Let�€™s abandon our sofas. And go into action! Stopping �€œthem�€� from doing what they want! Letting �€œthem�€� do as they want, giving �€œthem�€� carte blanche, is even worse than what �€œthey�€� do !

But how? What can we do ?

Nothing could be easier. We just need to spread the information they�€™re trying to hide from us, on all wavelengths possible. We could start, for example, by boycotting everything that contains orang-utan, called �€œvegetable oil�€� on the packaging of the industrial products concerned. We could then turn our backs on beef, pork, battery chickens... And give preference to technologies based on the sun, the wind, algae and other inexhaustible energy sources. Apart from the biofuels �€“ that�€™s obvious.

Let�€™s cut the grass from under the feet of the multinationals. With our teeth, we can do it. Our teeth make good lawnmowers.

We are consumers �€“ that�€™s the way it is ! �€“ so let�€™s consume, but a little less and with more discernment, consuming local, fair-trade, sustainable and conservation-grade produce and sprinkling less pesticide over our meals.

Let�€™s put an end to indigestion ! And to the poisoning of the world !

Fellow slaves, fellow puppets of a predatory $ystem, let�€™s break our invisible chains, our internal chains. If we have to, let�€™s climb up the lamp-posts, unfold our wings. Let�€™s throw masses of corrosive petitions in �€œtheir�€� faces, let�€™s become �€œalert launchers�€�. Let�€™s become opponents, let�€™s make our numbers felt. Let�€™s get involved in the energy associations. Let�€™s cover the walls of �€œtheir�€� inhuman conurbations with graffiti. Let�€™s appear on television, on all the channels. All in all, let�€™s take control of our brief existence...

Everything is possible (everything is within us, even the farthest galaxies, everything is located right in the centre, it always has been, it always will be!). We just have to want it �€“ here and now. Deep within us, extraordinary treasures are waiting to be discovered and brought to the surface again, unsuspected forces that took root at the dawn of time, in our left or right ventricle.

Let�€™s show those licensed pillagers, that handful of yobs and crooks who enslave us, those twisted psychopaths, that we are our own masters, presidents of our lives, ministers of our destiny, and that we have plans for ourselves, for the giraffes, for the hippopotami and for all the beautiful living species.

We modern slaves, the slaves of globalized stupidity, at last become free people, truly free people... as we all are ultimately, deep in our minds and in our hearts...

Which never stop beating...

Even in our tombs !

Yes, les�€™s get our teeth into it. Everyone has their place, whoever they may be, indoctrination being subject �€“ thank goodness ;o) �€“ to programmed obsolescence.

The solution lies within each one of us. It is up to us to find it and put it into practice.

Croquons dans la Vie à pleines dents !

A message from Mich, published by SOS-planete

Original French version

Translation Nicholas Rose

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