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A positive piece of news:

Deep geothermal power : possibly the miracle remedy to the energy crisis and to global warming! But urgent action is needed!

La géothermie profonde : peut-être le remède miracle à la crise de l'énergie et au réchauffement climatique!

Michel WALTER for « terresacree.org » 31 May 2006. Traduction : jp.cattelain(at)wanadoo.fr



It has hardly been heard of, and yet deep geothermal power could save the planet from global warming.


La centrale de Bouillante en Guadeloupe (Source : CFG Services - Groupe BRGM)


To make a long story short, it consists in boring two parallel 5-km-deep shafts into granite rocks.

Indeed, when you dig into the depths of the Earth, you get closer to the melting magma, and the temperature increases by 30°C for every kilometre.

Thus, 5 kilometres down, the rock's temperature is approximately 165 °C, enough to heat the water injected into one shaft and pumped out through the other in the form of overheated vapour. Then it is easy to feed a turbine and produce electrical power.

It is a form of renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting energy, which in due course could replace every form of fossil energy (oil and gas, due to be exhausted by 2050, and coal whose stocks are thought to cover needs for 300 years), and slow down the increase in temperatures on our planet.

It was all so simple ! Power could be found under our feet! Why hadn't we thought of it much earlier?

Experiments have been successfully carried out in several countries, for instance in Germany in what was termed "the Basel hole", and also in Alsace in Soultz-sous-Forêts.

Granted, the boring technology is a complex one and the cost price of one kilowatt-hour is still a deterrent: twice that of nuclear power. But if research is intensified, production costs should fall dramatically.

States and industries  accompany us on our life's journey.

have a duty to invest, and build everywhere in the world deep geothermal power plants. The stakes are high. What is at stake, indeed, is our survival, and that of all the species which.

We at « terresacree.org » believe this wholesome kind of information on renewable energy should be circulated without delay. Pressure should be put on politicians for financial means to be given to scientists to advance research.

Indeed, urgent action is needed; we cannot afford to wait for oil to be exhausted and temperatures to rise, leading to disasters and the extinction of millions of living species.

Disaster can be averted, provided mankind rapidly makes some intelligent, unavoidable decisions.

Solar power, wind power, tapping the power of ocean streams, deep geothermal power..., in addition to hydrogen cells for electrical production and transport, a technology which should progress and become cost-effective.



In the fight for life, each one of us can have a place and bear influence on the future. Sometimes all that is required is to pick up a pen, spread the good news, and draw the attention of the right persons.

M. W.


To go deeper (if one may say so!) on the subject of geothermal power (PDF files)




Pompes d'injection de l'eau à Soultz-sous-forêts.


La centrale expérimentale française de Soultz.




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La géothermie profonde : peut-être le remède miracle à la crise de l'énergie et au réchauffement climatique!

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