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Le 19 septembre 2006 : Un travail bénévole de S. M. que nous remercions vivement.

TOUT EN BAS ! Ascenseur expressenvironnement, nature, vert, écologie, biologique, planète TerreAll the news about Nature and the environment. State of health of the planet (Google automatic translation)

'terresacree.org' is a non-profit making french association which defends the lives and causes affected by our technological civilization. It informs about the state of health of the planet on a daily basis.

All the news about Nature and the environment. State of health of the planet (Google automatic translation) A Powerful audio slideshow PPS: The contract, I agree! In excellent English ... (6 Mo)

english   Translation Nicholas Rose

Author: terresacree.org Association (France)



terresacree.org Association, living base of environmental information, alerts and reflection.

Translation : Nicholas Rose and Patou Soult

environnement, nature, vert, écologie, biologique, planète TerreWe, the modern slaves ! Singin 'in the face of old settlers !

environnement, nature, vert, écologie, biologique, planète TerreBeing oneself : musings of a human being who believes in mankind, in spite of the prevailing enslavement

environnement, nature, vert, écologie, biologique, planète TerreThe scheduled termination of the civilization of wasteThe scheduled termination of the civilization of waste

environnement, nature, vert, écologie, biologique, planète TerreDates of exhaustion of our planet's economically exploitable resources, at current rates of consumption

For the attention of: the United Nations Organisation (U.N.)

Ethical Charter

We, the citizens of planet Earth, request that the United Nations (UN):


Give priority to providing the billion human beings suffering from starvation with the means of feeding themselves properly and satisfying their basic needs. And not merely by giving them our surpluses, but by the transfer of the (clean) technology necessary to ensure their independence for the future.

Draw on the indecent profits of the multinational companies in order to achieve this aim as a matter of urgency.


Raise awareness across the planet of the problem of worldwide overpopulation and provide all populations with the appropriate educational, medical and contraceptive means of stabilising population levels and assuring future generations of a planet fit for their arrival.


Educate children in the respect of the living world, natural sciences and ecological approach to life, so that they become responsible and caring adults. Promote collaboration rather than competition.

The heritage of the Earth

Declare all air, water and natural resources, energy sources, minerals, primary forests, wild animal and vegetable species, peoples, including modern humanity (even if in serious need of urgently calling everything into question) to be our world heritage.


Make an absolute priority of access to drinking water for all populations, through the development and financing of techniques suited to the various environments for the capture of spring water and rain-water and for the natural treatment (phytotreatment) of waste-water, as well as the promotion of basic hygiene.

Energy sources

Prohibit the use of agro-fuels which are threatening food production and the last remaining primary forests and progressively and definitively phase out polluting, fossil and nuclear energy sources, without waiting for their total exhaustion.

Advanced technologies

Set up a committee of ethics with the task of evaluating whether any given ancient, current or new technology may or may not be used, and verify that its implementation is not harmful to ecosystems, individual liberties or long-term health.

Make it illegal to implant electronic chips in the human body; the possibilities of abusive application being too dangerous for fundamental liberties.

GM organisms and nanotechnology

Ban all open-field cultivation of GM crops and the use of nanotechnology in food and cosmetics, as long as the absence of undesirable side-effects has not been recognised by the entire independent scientific community.

Limit experimentation to confined environments, ensuring maximum protection against the risk of dissemination in the natural environment and harmful impacts on biodiversity.

Meat and poultry production

Abolish industrial rearing in confined spaces, which does not respect even basic ethics with regard to animals, the environment and public health; encourage populations to reduce their meat consumption and seek quality rather than quantity.


Take account of the report made by Madame Suzanne Antoine, which aims to uplift animals from the legal status of personal property (book II of the French Code Civil) and accord them the legal status of sensitive beings.
(Report: http://www.tribunepourlanimal.com/shared/dox/Rapport.pdf )


Return to farming practices that respect the environment and human health, with diversification of cultures, promotion of ancient and local varieties, the banning of patents on living organisms and toxic chemical pesticides, which constitute a serious threat to the integrity of mankind and animals as well as to the quality of food and water sources.


Reorganise world trade, beginning with a reduction in all the unnecessary transport of goods. Encourage the consumption of local produce that is in season, favouring food autonomy and local markets.

Ban immediately all exports of palm oil and its use in the West in food, soap and combustion engines.


Preserve ocean stocks by stopping all discharge of waste into the sea and by putting an end to excessively intensive fishing.


Declare all remaining primary forests to be natural reserves and the common heritage of mankind, banning their destruction and all forms of exploitation that are harmful to them, including all trade in tropical timber and wild animals, and promote natural and diversified reforestation to absorb the excess CO2 in the atmosphere.


Dissolve the present Executive Board of the World Health Organisation:

- on the one hand, for having declared the A/H1N1 virus, benign compared with other contagious diseases, to be a level 6 pandemic _ particularly insulting to the 25,000 people who die of hunger every day.

- on the other hand, for the promotion of hygienic practices which go against the interests of public health (for example washing our hands thousands of times a day for as long as we live, with solutions or hydro-alcoholic gels, which serves only to fill the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies).

Allow individuals to choose freely whether or not to be vaccinated against benign contagious diseases like the flu.

Annul the penal immunity accorded to the pharmaceuticals manufacturers.

Ban the vaccines intended to modify behaviour that have been announced.

Ban animal experiments, which have become scientifically invalid.


Set up an independent grand world council, free of all links to pharmaceuticals, food, oil or other companies, a panel of experts, whose raison d'être is the common good of mankind and the preservation of the planet through concertation and reflection on world trade, a means of exchange, and the fair sharing of remaining resources and knowledge.


Ban the international arms trade, authorise countries to produce only defensive arms for their own use and severely sanction countries that threaten world peace by offensive attitudes towards other nations.

Create the conditions for general, progressive and controlled nuclear disarmament.


Reorient the process of world mutation, basing it on Life instead of on money, on the basis that true wealth is not in the bank but in Nature, culture, solidarity and harmony.

Stop all stock-market speculation.


Include future generations in the declaration of human rights.

Translation Nicholas Rose

Sign this petition :

Open letter and petition from terresacree.org seeking the banning of all trading in palm oil originating from plantations created at the expense of massive devastation of tropical forests

or on the question of making obligatory the precise indication of the plant species from which the oil in question is extracted, and its locality

addressed to the General Secretariat of the European Commission, B-1049 Brussels, BELGIUM;

and to Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic, 26 March 2010.

Please forward.

We have known for some time that palm oil is used in numerous consumer products (biscuits, precooked dishes, margarines, cosmetics, soaps, etc. ) It has even invaded the supermarket shelves, unknown to consumers.

Why is the food industry suddenly using this product so extensively?

First of all because it is cheaper, then because it can be used to make foods that are supposedly more elaborate.

The industry even claims that palm oil has beneficial effects, whereas all independent scientific studies show that it has none of the health virtues cited.

Quite the opposite. It contains high concentrations of saturated fatty acids that stick to the walls of the arteries, eventually blocking them.

This is not the case for the vegetable oils previously used - like those of sunflower, rapeseed, maize and soya - which contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are absolutely vital for the human body, because it cannot produce them.

Most seriously of all, this oil comes from the oil palms cultivated in South-East Asia, the intensive production of which entails the destruction of the region's tropical forest which, at this rate, will disappear for good in 2022, causing the extinction of the last primary peoples who live there, and of the Oran-utangs and gibbons.

Oh no, you reassure us, you'll still be able to see them in zoos!

All that to satisfy the whims of the industrialists in the rich countries who think only of filling their pockets, with total disregard for populations, animals and and the planet's biodiversity as a whole.

Has anyone asked our opinion? No! the great majority of consumers know nothing about this monstrous head-in-the-sand policy.

If the banning of this ingredient in the European Community is impossible for some sinister reason, we demand that the label "Palm oil or fat" - together with its origin, since not all oil palms grow in the jungle! - be clearly indicated on all products containing it, as every consumer has the right to know what he or she is eating!

In parallel, for the sake of biodiversity protection and of the animals and people living in the regions concerned by these intensive plantations, we encourage the citizens of the Western countries to take their responsibility into their own hands by implementing a general boycott of palm oil.

By this action, we will have made a gesture for the planet, a gesture that does not require a great deal of effort and which ensures that we do not leave it to others to decide our future for us.

Thank you for whatever you can do.

The terresacree.org team

Translation Nicholas Rose

Drafted 26 March 2010

The link : http://www.mesopinions.com/Stop-a-l-huile-de-palme-qui-detruit-les-forets-tropicales-petition-petitions-6406bf314363593c3f5fdd1c8c1052a8.html

The briefing is still free on the module: https://www.terresacree.org

Palm oil dossier :
Non-exhaustive list of foodstuffs containing palm fat (photos by Tanka, Michel95 and Mich to serve as a reminder of what must be given a miss if we not want to have the extinction of the Oran-utangs on our conscience!)

Without Nature, no future! Help us spread the message

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