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Le 19 septembre 2006 : Un travail bénévole de S. M. que nous remercions vivement.

TOUT EN BAS! Ascenseur expressPetition for the boycott of the winter Olympic Games to free the 30 Greenpeace activists imprisoned in Russia

 Boycott olympics games et Greenpeace

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ONG terresacree.org
Chemin de Counillere,
83149-Bras (France)

to :
His Excellency Ban Ki-moon,
Secretary-General of the United Nations New York, NY 10017, USA

Solemn request on the Interplanetary Internet

Bras, October 14th 2013,

Mr Secretary-General of the United Nations,
Your Excellency
As you know : on the 19th september 2013, 30 Greenpeace activists were brutally thrown to prison by the Russian authorities.
They are charged of « organized piracy », of having in their possession the emergency medical kit of the Arctic Sunrise, their ice-breaker (?), as well as controversial technology that MIGHT BE USED for military purpose.
Each of these people trying to alert us risk more than 15 years of prison.

That is to say more than 450 years for a courageous NGO who have indeed made waves and thumbed their nose at the Gazprom oil platforms in the Arctic, which is one of the last wild treasures on our little blue planet. These people considered as �€œterrorists�€� have done nothing but sticking their neck out to try and defend the earth and all the creatures living on it, humans, animals, vegetals !
They are being examples for the future generations!They are the living proof of the fact that humans of our time do not all participate to the ecocide.These protesters should all be decorated for bravery and for attempting to save the honour and dignity of humanity.

Greenpeace and Olympics games

So :
If Mr Vladimir Putin does not release the 30 Greenpeace activist one month before the winter Olympic games in Sotchi Russia,
We, who initiated and signed this petition, will solemnly request the governments of ALL NATIONS -as well as the athletes themselves if their nations do not give them clear instructions- that they fully boycott the next and XXIInd winter Olympic games.
Because the condition of the planet is really much more important than Mr Putin's ego and oil barrels.
Isn't it an ethical issue ?
We are certain that you will forward the present petition to the193 member countries of the international community.
We are aware , your excellency of how difficult your task is, in this world where real values, other than financial,and sincerity are being forgotten.
Yours respectfully.
Cédric Mercier
President of NGO terresacree.org
General Secretary
Jean Giner
Friend of true life
With the colibris, watch un
it SOS-planete

uraniumSign petition HERE vital to break the deafening silence

Greenpeace et Sochi

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uranium Sign petition HERE vital to break the deafening silence

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