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Yvan Marzin que nous remercions du fond du coeur pour son excellent travail bénévole (juillet 2002).

Indien Kayapo filmant l'occidental

TOUT EN BAS! Ascenseur expressYour money or your life ?



La bolsa o la vida  La bourse ou la vie?

La bolsa o la vida

La bourse ou la vie

Michel Walter for Terre Sacrée,  24th november 2005



Because we consider life as worthwhile, we decided to defend it by creating in 1999 « Terre Sacrée », a huge website that includes over 1000 pages. You have just clicked onto it.

Billions of years were required to reach the evolutionary stage that enabled the human conscience to appear. A few decades of so called "civilisation", with its senseless technology and its total lack of respect for the environment has brought this crashing down. Just how foolish can we get ? Are we trying to commit suicide ? Have we become totally insensitive ? Are we anaesthized by modern comfort ?

Television scarcely ever mentions the fact that life is in mortal peril ! Never in the entire history of the planet has there been such a decimation of animal and vegetal species. Biodiversity, one of the greatest riches of the planet, is hard-hit, and things aren't improving ! All we have lived with so far is being impoverished, reduced.  Our world is growing smaller. Rain forests will disappear forever, and by 2030 only rare traces will remain. Ancestral human communities are scattered to the winds as a result of deforestation, and, as a result, their direct knowledge of free living forms.

Oil and coal : HELP ! The atmosphere is so polluted that vegetation and oceans can no longer absorb the excess of carbon dioxide and other gasses that cause the greenhouse effect. As a result, global warming has disrupted the fragile balance of the world, murderous cyclones are on the increase, deserts are spreading and the weather is becoming totally unpredictable. What happens when the Chinese, Indians or Brazilians start driving around in private cars, choking the atmosphere with what little oil is left ?

Now if temperatures go up by another 4 or 5 degrees C, things will go haywire with the methane gas dissolved in the permafrost and ocean depths. Water, which also contributes to the greenhouse effect, will evaporate with the heat increase, and no one can predict to what extent that will happen. One certainty is that 250 million years ago an 8-degree increase resulted in the destruction of 95% of life forms. Is that what we are looking forward to ? Do we want our blue planet to become a complete desert ?

The human race, which is responsible for all the present ills of the Earth, is on a steady increase. How long for ? There will 9 billion of us in 2050. Then what ? Land for cultivation will become scarce, especially if we use it to drive our cars or to keep warm. Will we be nourished with synthetic food ? Meat raised in labs, as an international research team once suggested ? Hydroponic genetically engineered food, directly growing in stores ?

Now is the time for us to choose what sort of  a world we want our children and our children's children to live in, and all their descendants for the next five billion years, on this planet which we love so much.

It's not even a matter of debate : we want grass, trees, flowers, smiles, birds and all sorts of living creatures, known to us or not. We want clear air to gaze at stars which whisper to us that life necessarily exists elsewhere. We want the magic of life to operate, thanks to the observance of the laws of nature. We don't want it to be definitely unthroned by an absurd monster by the name of "profit at all costs". 

Man has uncounted resources in his heart and mind. He has demonstrated this many times. He can still pull back. Our hope is that he will be able to react in time, and change the terrible curve that is heading straight into the wall.

Our dream is simply of that of a clean technology - surely not an impossible one. For a living future...

How much time remains ?


Traduction : alan.bennett(at)tiscali.fr



Bonobo : Qu'est-ce que c'est que ce binz?Anne Esperet

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