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S. M.

TOUT EN BAS ! Ascenseur expressBeing oneself : musings of a human being who believes in mankind, in spite of the prevailing enslavement

S. M.
Le 20 décembre 2006, un travail bénévole de S. M..

S. M., le 31 janvier 2007

S. M., le 31 janvier 2007

S. M., le 19 mars 2007

Le 20 décembre 2006, un travail bénévole de S. M..

Translation : Nicholas Rose

French version : Etre Soi

Original French version

Dear Visiting Friends,

We are well aware that most of the news we publish on these pages is loaded with negative energy, is disturbing, sometimes devastating, and can seriously affect our common psyche.

We are witnessing a concurring package of lures, attempts at manipulation of all sorts and a total control of planet Earth and all the living creatures that inhabit it, including man.

Remind yourselves, however, that the process taking place before our very eyes is not inevitable. We are not fundamentally "evil"; far from it ! Who wants this slavery, whether for themselves, for their friends and families, or for future generations ?

Although we�€™re hidden away behind our screens, there are a lot of us seeking another world, less materialistic, less centred on the race for profit at all costs. Numerous and diverse, too, are the associations that are busy seeing, on the one hand that information does not land directly in the bin, on the other that the lulling and formatting of consciences doesn�€™t manage to take root in every household.

Although the state of the planet is deteriorating from one pole to the other, luckily a few like you, like me, like us are on hand to resist the creeping invasion of the fog and darkness.

Everyone, in fact, has their place and particular role in the disastrous global situation that has arisen. Every brain takes in the terrible information and the idea of another world, more just, more peaceful, more serene and better respected, starts to beat out its little path.

Yes, yes, that�€™s for sure !

For that, the all-pervading Internet is a formidable channel. You cannot fight back with a water pistol, when the "adversary" is armed to the teeth.

The results are there. The consumers that they have turned us into, with the lies of their massive advertising campaigns, their stultifying and soporific information, their mediocre series, their outmoded variety shows... are starting, little by little, to make choices that will be decisive for their own good physical and psychological form and for the health of their kind, all living things and the entire terrestrial ecosystem.

We call ourselves into question more and more as each day goes by. We are not machines and not yet cyborgs.

There can be no doubt. Even though doubt liberates us. The results are there.

Alive and kicking !

Un jet du Mich, un humain qui croit en l'Homme, malgré l'asservissement ambiant

Three little examples among so many others: after 15 years of struggle, no commercial GMO is still cultivated in France, the H1N1 vaccine did not spill from the government�€™s chests and palm oil has lost face. Numerous advances have been made and there are plenty of associations and NGOs keeping a careful look-out �€“ each one in its own way, their strength coming from their diversity in the face of the homogenisation and general formatting of the world. The light is beginning to penetrate into more and more murky zones.

In reality, everyone has their own little place. Each tiny grain of sand makes its contribution to the expanse of the beach.

And even if the beach suffers an invasion of parasols, the wind will sooner or later blow them all away.

Earth being only temporarily a destination for mass tourism.

We must not lose hope before the apparent immensity of the task. Nor must we try to convince our friends and neighbours, when they are bogged down in their conditioning and dogma. Let�€™s just spread the information on the social networks. Everyone will take in what they need to absorb and, in the middle of this thorny jungle, will discover the path that is theirs. And theirs alone.

On the other hand, we must share liberally with those who nurture a seed. Those seeds will definitely take root. There is no shortage of water... At least, not yet.

Let�€™s just simply be "US".

Everything has its place. The light, just like the darkness. A simple question of dynamic equilibrium !

But Life has chosen the rainbow with all its shades of grey, all its colours, all its forms, all its fantasies, all its diversity. Let�€™s shine together, like the rainbow, let�€™s quite simply be ourselves and �€“ though it will take time �€“ the evolution towards harmonious equilibrium will come about.

And we all know, since Einstein, that time is relative.

There we are! Just a few words issuing from one mind among the many, sent out on the Web, to say that �€“ well �€“ our bodies may be computers with hard discs that will end up one day on the tip, but our information, our exchanges, our knowledge, our genes... will endure and be passed on, providing, of course, those computers communicate between themselves during their lifetime.

So let�€™s think of ourselves first, and live the present day to the full (carpe diem). After all, in poor health, in a demoralised or totally dilapidated state or in a hospital bed, perfusions coming from all directions, how could we help anyone else ?

How would we help the billions of billions of children following ineluctably in our footsteps ?

We must hang on to our trump cards, to live a nice and long stretch of happiness and leave �€“ for our little ones, for our grandchildren, for our great grandchildren �€“ an Earth that is liveable, enlivening, alive...

For the five billion years of sunshine we have left... (1)

That gives some meaning to our own little existence, doesn�€™t it ?

The birds are singing. This is a new dawn...

A message from Mich, published by SOS-planete

Translation : Nicholas Rose

French version : Etre Soi

Original French version

(1) The sun�€™s lifetime is some�€� 10 billion years, and it was born 4.55 billion years ago. So, it is about half-way along the line. And it has over 5 billion years left to shine. Phew !

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