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Yvan Marzin

The Ark of possible


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 L'Arche des possibles

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May 21, 2005. Michel Walter for Sacred Earth.



Do we have to consider as normal that nature put billion of years to put the finishing touches on us so that in a few decades we lead all other creatures to their loss, and us with them?

We, the top of top of the terrestrial evolution, the supposedly best receptacle of intelligence here down, become a vulgar cancer proliferating at maximum speed.

What we have to do to stop this harmful process ?  Can we consider the nature protected from this type of scenario ?

Does it have in its magic bag some powerful virus to put an end to our murders?

Are we going to destroy ourselves or change or mute ?

Let's dream a little bit.

The whole mankind becomes aware and passes gradually to clean energies.

It reduces for a half the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions.

The seas and the forests are thus able to absorb them.

The climatic reheating has only to behave well.

In parallel, mankind stops destroying the tropical forests, sources of the greatest planet's biodiversity.

The richest countries of the globe help the countries significantly concerned.

The curve of the human population should be stabilized in 2050 to nine billion individuals then, with the international program "No more than one child by couple", it reasonably goes down again to no more than one to two billion.

Then a balance will be really possible.

The man and nature will not be incompatible any more. Both will be able to live together like a happy and rich couple of a grateful descent.

However, with or without the man, the spaceship Earth, the Ark, will carry on its road in the infinite during five more billion years.

With on s board only some immortal tough algae and bacteria... or seed of the best plants and animals of the local solar selection.

At the meeting point perhaps million of arches, Does the man really got its place?

The ball's in our court.


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